Next Steps

Although the anthropocene extinction in process is abundantly clear to some of us, many organizations are prioritizing everything but the human population problem. The few groups that address overpopulation as the key issue approach the subject too delicately, evidenced by their lack of impact. The global population continues to grow by over 250 humans per minute. The extinction (including our own) cannot be avoided at this rate.

Everywhere you go, you see people towing young children and more babies on the way. The genes within us that drive animal reproduction are as strong as our selfishness. These traits echo into the government and social institutions that reward such behavior. The cycle must be broken.

Saving the planet and the human race rests with the simple individual decision to not procreate. Medical technology provides us with the ability to make this choice, but widespread commitment is missing. Humans are social creatures, so those who understand the situation must do everything in their power to influence birth reduction. This is our mission.


Every person can have a direct impact immediately.

  1. Stop Breeding
    It doesn’t matter if you’ve already had children. What matters is the choice you make with greater awareness. Just don’t have any more. 
  2. Birth Control
    Support and use all forms, especially permanent sterilization.
  3. Political Action
    Support campaigns to expand birth control options and remove incentives for breeding.
  4. Social Action
    Do your part to shift public perception about birthing children. Engage every potential breeder in the discussion about the extinction underway and encourage them to use birth control.
  5. Group Action
    Join us to develop and expand the RF8 organization into an effective global force for voluntary population reduction. 

RF8 Involvement

We’re a member-operated network. Someone (or a site or ad created by that someone) directed you here. If you agree with us, reach out to that sponsor for further instructions. That person needs to know you reviewed the site, your level of passion for the cause and what you can offer to advance the mission.

RF8 is in the development stage. We need people of all skill sets throughout the world. The most important trait is passion for the cause. Of particular interest in this early process are the following:


  • Founding coordinators (in each country)
  • Recruitment
  • Outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Administration
  • Legal


  • Graphic design
  • Web design/admin/CMS/coding
  • Database integration
  • Writing/editing
  • Musical
  • Artistry

Group Actions

Overall, our actions as a group will be determined by the evolving membership. In the short term, extended development of website and social media outreach is a key priority. We also need to work on memes that stick and make the graphics available to members to use for wearable marketing, bumper stickers, etc.  At some point outreach will lead to participation in social events and festivals such as Burning Man to engage the younger populations we need to impact the most.