Coming Soon: Our Fate

A project to establish a link library referencing all the ways humans are killing the planet. 

Earth can shrug off the presence of some humans, but not this many. We are supporting wasteful modern lifestyles with resources that WILL run out, resulting in tragic ends. There will be resource wars driven by famine when we run out of petrochemicals to support industrialized farming and depleted farmlands will yield to desertification. The future we are creating will be very painful for everyone remaining.

As we exploit and consume, we destroy the atmosphere and wipe out habitats needed by species that enable our existence.

This planet is the only place we can live. Working through all possible solutions leads a rational mind to one inevitable conclusion: we MUST stop reproducing until the global population is reduced by at least half. (Less than 4 billion)

It’s not hopeless if we confront denial. We should conserve and preserve, reduce our carbon footprints and all that, but more than anything, we need to stop reproducing for a while.

If we don’t commit to radical actions to reduce human population, our fate will eclipse global genocide: civilization will end and there will be no intelligent life remaining that knows or remembers us. That’s the ultimate futility of the world humans have created. The tipping point is near, inaction fatal.