Our Fate

Mother earth can shrug off the presence of some humans, but not this many. We are supporting wasteful lifestyles with resources that WILL run out, resulting in tragic ends. As we exploit and consume, we unbalance the atmosphere and wipe out habitats needed by species that enable our existence. Depleted farmlands are already becoming deserts. Famine will stress the population when we can’t produce the petrochemicals required by industrialized farming. As options dwindle and more people are dislocated by climate crises, countries will fight over dwindling resources. The third world war will be a war over resources and will accelerate our demise.

Conservation groups are trying everything, but they refuse to confront the greatest environmentalism paradox:  it’s impossible to offset the impact from a growing population of people addicted to consumption, waste and expansion.

This planet is the only place we can live. Working through all possible solutions leads a rational mind to the inevitable conclusion: we MUST limit our population. Voluntary population reduction is the most humane way to stabilize the population below 4 billion people and if we reach this goal and implement conservation measures, we have a chance. Then we must commit to never again exceed the planet’s capacity to support human activity.

It’s not hopeless if we can overcome denial. We should conserve and preserve, reduce our carbon footprints and all that, but more than anything, we need to stop reproducing for a while. 

If we don’t commit to birth reduction, our fate will eclipse global genocide: civilization will end and there will be no intelligent life remaining that knows or remembers us, our legacy lost because we couldn’t overcome our emotional greed. That’s the ultimate futility of the world humans have created. The tipping point is near, inaction fatal.